Out of Darkness by Ashley Hope Perez 8/10

Hi book dragons!

So thanks to finals week, I was only able to read one book this week.  I am, however, most of the way through the first book this week already haha

TLDR: I had a lot of very strong emotions while reading this book.  It was very well written, but the story itself made me sick.  I cannot handle racism very well so reading about it makes me angry.  I do highly reccomend it though!

 I have very strong feelings about this book. It took me a little while to really become invested in the characters, but I ended up really liking Wash, Naomi, Beto, and Cari. I obviously had very strong feelings of resentment towards Henry and also toward Estella for letting Henry treat her poorly in front of Naomi and for ultimately causing her death. I understand that during this time period, it was normal for a woman to do everything for her husband, but I have never agreed with it and it makes me sick to read about it. I enjoyed this book, but by the end, I was very upset and physically pained. Reading about and witnessing racism and sexism makes me ill because of how much I despise it and how much I wish I could stop it. That obviously means that it was very well written and I know it was meant to create resentment and to teach a story. It was still difficult to read, though. 

 I think this book would be a great teaching tool for high school history classes. It’s always one thing to read about a time period in a textbook, but they are always very dry and boring. This brings history to life and it shows first hand the type of abuse that some people lived through as well as the backgrounds of the people who did the abusing. I think this would be better in an actual classroom setting as opposed to a public library setting. I do not think it would be appropriate for middle school students to read. It has some very adult concepts such as rape and the very graphic dismembered children and that might be a little much for a younger audience to handle. I do think it will invoke strong feelings in high schoolers as it did with me. 

And as always, I love you, you should love you, and I’ll talk to you next time!

The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock 8/10

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This post is going up a day late because yesterday was my birthday ūüôā
I’m not sorry about that.

The book I read before this one wasn’t the best and I was very pleased to have picked this book up next. ¬†I actually ended up reading this book over a span of two days. ¬†This book is about three different people who are living in Alaska and their individual struggles living there. ¬†All of their stories mesh at the end, which I fully expected, but it was done in a good way. ¬†You get to learn about the entire town through the individual stories and I liked how the author accomplished this.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ending and I’ll readily admit I cried at the end.

The only downside of this book for me was the fact that it was difficult to keep the characters straight.  By the end I think I got most of them down, but normally I need to keep notes to keep track of characters when there are more than a handful.  This might just be a personal gripe/issue that I have, but I had to go back quite a few times to remind myself of who the characters were.

Lord of the Clans 8/10

Hi bookworms!

For those of you who aren’t aware, I am an enormous nerd.  Specifically, I love reading novelizations of video games.  Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden is a World of Warcraft story about Thrall, an orc with an incredible past.  If you aren’t familiar with WoW or any of the lore, I won’t ruin it for you, but I highly recommend looking into it.  Blizzard (the company who created WoW, Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and others) is one of the greatest gaming company in regards to lore and character backgrounds. 

The story itself was amazing, but that was expected going into it.  Christie Golden is an amazing author who recreates stories incredibly well.  The only grievance I have with this book is the fact that when my copy was printed, I’m not sure if all of the books are like this or if it was just my copy, some of the words have randomly placed spaces in the middle of the word and some of the letters are much closer together than normal.  Imperfections like that ruin the story for me.  It makes me focus on the typing instead of the story.  Other than that, I highly enjoyed the story and I cannot wait to obtain and read more WoW stories!

LIS201 Blog Post 2

Hi again everyone! Just repeating this in case you didn’t see my last blog post. This is the second of two posts about pedophilia for my final project in one of my classes at school. It covers a very controversial topic, so this is your warning. Negativity will not be tolerated.

I highly enjoyed the research process with this research paper much more than I have with other topics for past research papers. This subject is one that I have always been very interested in, but never knew much about. I always had many negative and incorrect stereotypes in my head about pedophiles, but I am very glad I’ve done this reasearch to help get rid of those negative connotations I had. The first step in my research process was to see what the DSM-5 had to say about pedophilia. I found that the definition and diagnosing criteria has substantially changed in the past few years. I also noticed a lot of rather disturbing similarities to what the DSM-5 has said about homosexuals in the past. Once I started looking up other articles and scientific journals, I was amazed at how many there were to look at. I honestly didn’t expect to find many articles, but was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely research this topic further in the future.

LIS201 Blog Post 1

Hi guys! For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently working toward my Bachelors in Information and Library Science. For the final project in one of my classes, I’m required to write two blog posts about the topic I chose for my final research paper. This is a warning for my readers because my topic for my research paper is pedophilia. I understand this is a very controversial topic, so if reading about this subject makes you uncomfortable, obviously don’t read this or the following blog post. I’ll be deleting these once the class is over, but any negative comments will not be tolerated.

For my topic to my final research paper, I decided to write about an extremely controversial topic: pedophilia. I chose this topic because in a past abnormal psychology class, one of my classmates did his final presentation on pedophiles and all of the social misconceptions that come with being a pedophile. It really opened my eyes toward something I had previously felt so strongly about. All of my misconceptions and all of the stereotypes I had in my head about pedohpilia were widely incorrect. The basic premise of my topic is discussing how pedophilia is something people are born with and it is not learned or taught. During my research, I’ve found out that my previous judgements were very incorrect. One of the main things I learned was that there is an enormous difference between pedophiles and child molesters and most people who commit sexual crimes toward children are not pedophiles. Most of them are just doing it for power, they are not attracted to the children at all. Overall, my paper is about pedophilia, the negative stereotypes attached to them, and comparing it to homosexuality and what people used to think about homosexuals.

Lonely, but not alone

His eyes are locked with mine as I slowly walk up to him.  He’s already seated on the bed, eyes beckoning me from across the room.  Is there something more than lust waiting for me when I fall into his arms?

I melt when his left hand grazes my arm.  How can he do this to me every time we touch?

His right hand brushes my cheek bringing instant color as he pulls me into him.  His kisses are tender, yet this time there s a sense of urgency behind them.  Is it just because he’s leaving tomorrow? What am I going to do without him?

Slowly my shirt peels off and finds its own way to the floor.  Suddenly, he’s on top of me kissing me again.  He trails his way from my lips down to the nape of my neck and back up to my ear which makes me erupt into a fit of giggles.  Woah, when was the last time anyone was able to do that to me?

His shirt joins mine and the feeling of his skin pressed against me is enough to make me shiver with anticipation.  He trails his hands up my arms and laces his fingers with mine.  Where did that come from?

Butterflies explode in my tummy and my head swims.  This is the first time he’s ever held my hands.  His kissing slows, but builds in intensity.  What is that I’m tasting: just lust?

We roll and I’m on top of him.  I wiggle out of my pants and press my body against his.  One hand is on my lower back while the other is gently tangled in my hair.  He pulls me into his kiss and I can feel it then.  Need.  He needs me?

It seems too good to be true.  If what we did wasn’t making love, it was the closest I’ve ever been.  Why am I so reluctant to leave his embrace?

I run my hands through his short, soft hair.  My mouth molds to his and I soak him in: his scent, his taste, his touch.  It will be all I have when he is no longer here to be mine.  His big, brown doe eyes gaze into mine.  I brush his jawline with my fingertips and he leans into my touch.  What did I ever do to be able to touch him this way?  My hands travel to his back, tracing his lean muscles and gently pulling him back down to me. 

Can he feel. How much I need him?

Can he really need me too?

Hi everyone, thanks for reading!

I wrote this for myself a long time ago so I would never forget this night or this boy.  I found it while I was cleaning this past week and it shot me into the past and into that room that night.  I don’t know if it’ll affect you as much as it affected me, but lord, I miss him. It’s obviously very personal for me, so I thank you all for sharing it with me. 

I will be posting more often here.  I originally thought this blog would be just book reviews, but now I know I want it to be much more than that. But thank you all for reading and as always, I love you, you should love you, and I’ll talk to you next time!

Welcome to Me

So, as I was sitting here writing my first book review, it occurred to me that almost none of you know who I am. ¬†And if you don’t know who I am, how can you trust any of what I say or any of my recommendations?

You can already tell that I enjoy literature since this blog is in the “Book Review” section of this website, but that doesn’t describe the extent of the word “enjoy.” ¬†I REALLY like books. ¬†It’s gotten to the point where some of my friends have even referred to my slight obsession as “creepy” and “weird.”

My slight obsession with books is half inherited – thanks, Mom – and half thanks to Hooked on Phonics (not sponsored). ¬†My mom has always been an avid reader and since I was raised as an only child, I had a lot of free time. ¬†When I found out that books are essentially movies inside your head with characters and scenery that you imagine, I instantly fell in love. ¬†As I grew, so did my love for stories. ¬†Unfortunately for my social life, there has always been a direct positive correlation between the amount of books I devour and my general dislike for “real” people. ¬†It’s never been that I associated with bad people, it’s just that the people I was associating with were and are severely less interesting than the ones in my books. ¬†I guess, looking back, that’s not entirely fair. ¬†I assumed that “real” people weren’t as interesting as the giants in the B.F.G. or Max in Where the Wild Things Are or anyone in any of Shel Silverstein’s poems. ¬†I’ve just always had such extravagant and incredible adventures with the characters in the stories that I had no desire to attempt “regular” adventures with “real” people.

Now, this doesn’t mean I was a complete shut in: I had friends, I still do. ¬†But even now I find more comfort in physical copies of books than I ever have with any of my friends. ¬†Note: this doesn’t mean I don’t use e-books or audiobooks. I do, just not as much as physical books.

Yes, you guessed it. ¬†I was that weird girl in class who always got in trouble for reading and who always had a suitcase packed with books to bring to sleepovers at friends’ houses. ¬†But books, to me, are far more than just words on paper. ¬†Let me explain.

I had a few dark times in my life like I’m sure most of you have. ¬†The hardest one to deal with was the time I spent in the military. ¬†Now, before anyone gets all huffy and puffy, I met amazing people in the military and I also had some great experiences while I was in, but for the most part, it was less than easy for me. ¬†Being a Marine is no easy task to begin with, but being a female Marine is far more difficult than anyone lets on. ¬†I knew going into it that I was going to be a small fish in a big pond: ¬†“just a little girl in a big boy’s game” – direct quote from one of my superiors. ¬†To say that the people in charge of me didn’t like me would be the understatement of the century and, in short, they did everything in their power to make my life a living hell. ¬†Considering the amount of power they had, you can only imagine what that was like.

This was also the first time in my life that I was away from my family: I enlisted when I was seventeen and I am very close to my family. ¬†I’m sure that the combination of being away from my family and hating waking up every morning made the slope even more slippery. ¬†I had sank to a very dark place and it horrified me. ¬†The only reason I’m still alive today is a small handful of people that I was stationed with – you guys know who you are, thank you – and being able to disappear into my books. ¬†Being able to be literally anybody else but me was my form of therapy. ¬†It escalated from needing to get lost in the stories to feel comfort to just being near or touching a book. ¬†The feel of the pages and the smell of the books instantly calmed the mess inside of my head.

Now that I’m out, I’ve gotten the help that I desperately needed, but physical books are still a crutch for me. ¬†I always need to have one near me just in case. ¬†I even have one in my bed with me every night. ¬†I totally understand that this isn’t “normal” for females my age to have this obsession, but my therapist told me that since it was my comfort for so long and it’s not an unhealthy habit, I didn’t have to stop doing it. ¬†Some of you may still think that I should stop and that needing the comfort of any object is unhealthy, but hey, I could have been stuck with a heroin or crack cocaine addiction. ¬†I’ll take a book addiction any day.

Anyway, now that that’s all out of the way, I can get into the more important factors: the types of books/authors that I enjoy. ¬†I am a gargantuan – this happens to be my favorite word – horror and suspense lover: think King, Koontz, Lovecraft, Poe, Stine. ¬†I’m also very partial to crime novels: think Child, Cornwell, Slaughter, Patterson. ¬†And even though I’m borderline no longer young, I frequent young adult novels: think Rowling, Riggs, Tolkien, Dashner, Green, Yancey. ¬†I almost never read non-fiction – although sometimes I’ll pick up a self help book or book about serial killers – or romance novels. ¬†The only way I’ll suffer through a romance novel is if somebody I care about recommends it to me extremely highly or they tell me it’s their favorite books. ¬†You can learn almost everything important about a person by delving into their favorite book.

This blog is going to be mainly centered around book reviews and book unboxing reviews: more to come on the latter later. ¬†I will pepper in more personal stories that I believe are relevant to the novels I’m reviewing, but they won’t be very often. ¬†I’ve also never had a platform like this before and I’m both enjoying and panicking about being able to discuss the things I’ve not told anyone else before. ¬†I’m not giving my friends or family access to my blog yet, I’m not ready for them to know this much about me, but I’m looking forward to meeting and conversing with you.

If you’ve made it this far, I applaud your determination and I hope that you stick around.

And as always, I love you, you should love you, and I’ll talk to you next time.