What is happening to me?

Butterflies? Sweaty palms? Racing heart? Mind spinning?

Everyone is telling me it’s a crush. Something fleeting, but wonderful. Something to be cherished.

My mind is telling me it’s fleeting.  Semi-permanent and fake. A mist of confusion.

What if he’s not the one? What if he’s wrong in some way? What if he’s perfect?

It’s been years for me. I avoid things like this so neither of us get hurt.  It always ends in pain.

But what if this time is different? What if it’s bliss? Pure ecstacy? A rush like no other?

I guess we’ll both find out.  I’m falling; hard.  
Please catch me. 
Hi book dragons!

I’m having some serious feelings lately. Stress about school and work and about my looks and new diet and then also some pretty dang good feelings about a certain somebody.  It probably won’t turn into anything; oh, but what if it does.  

As always, I love you, you should love you, and I’ll talk to you next time!


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