Relatable Cosplay

Hi book dragons!

Sorry about not posting last week! Crazy things have been happening here, but I’m back! I’m currently working on a cosplay I’m going to finally debut my Raven (Teen Titans the show, not the comics Raven) cosplay and I am way too excited for her.  I like doing cosplays where I either look like the person or I can relate to them or hopefully both!

I think Raven is one of the cosplays that I’m most excited about, which is a big deal because I’m always super excited about the people that I cosplay.  I never cosplay people just for the sake of cosplay and I’ve wanted to cosplay Raven since I started cosplaying over two years ago. 

I’m also a little nervous about her.  I’ve never made boot covers before and I also need to make her belt and the jewels on the backs of her gloves.  I’m also going to get fabric for her cape in case the one I ordered is wrong in some way.  And if I make the cape I can use the extra fabric to make the boot covers. 

Anyway, logistics aside, Raven is super broody, she’s sarcastic and has dry humor, she’s a complete book dragon, and she’s super sentimental and loves her friends, but it super bad about telling them.  Basically, she’s me.  I always loved how she was secluded even with the whole group of friends and off reading somewhere while still enjoying the company of the people she loves.  I’ve been at afterparties being around people but reading books on my phone.  I’m not sorry.  I also really love how her powers are based on control.  She has a lot of demons – literal and mental demons – that she has to understand or she can’t control her powers.  As somebody who struggles with mental illness, it’s refreshing to see a hero who also struggles with mental health.  

I’ll post pictures of her once she’s done if you guys want! Thanks for reading!

And remember, I love you, you should love you, and I’ll talk to you next time.


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